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every band i’ve ever seen live (166 and counting!)

I just realized I’ve seen a ton of bands live. Might as well name them. This list will be constantly updated and never finished. It’s every band I’ve ever seen since 2002. Now, just let me explain, for all the non-believers out there. I go to a lot of festival shows. I’m not naming everyone on the line-up, but only the sets I remember catching at least half of. Some of them I have stories for, and some of them I don’t. Some of these bands totally suck too, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t see em. Have fun. Awesome shows (meaning great live performance, or a great experience or a funny story or whatever) are in bold. If I’m forgetting a band, let me know.

  1. Screeching Weasel
  2. Riverdales
  3. Forgetters
  4. Radiohead
  5. Beck
  6. Bauhaus
  7. Horrorpops
  8. The Briefs
  9. Pistol Grip
  10. Rancid

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fell asleep at a decent hour for the first time in months

woke up and realized how unhappy i am with life. burst into tears. i can’t stop crying. every day feels exactly the same, i’m running on fumes and ethanol. how could anyone love me, let alone stand being near me? i’m a brutal disappointment to my friends and family. i miss the days when i had the whole day ahead of me, and every time was a new adventure. whether it be singing on the beach in carmel, exploring the unknowns of santa cruz, or skipping school for a romantic breakfast in big sur. punk shows, sing alongs, good times. getting into trouble and laughing the whole way.

unfortunately… all the innocence was lost. i drink like a fish and i couldn’t care less about life. i’m sorry. i’m sorry, you guys. 

Neo-Nazis in SF (tw: transphobia, sexual harassment, racism, alcohol, victim blaming) (Please read if possible)


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i’m so sleep deprived that suicide is starting to sound like a good way to catch up on rest